Veg - with salad & dips

Mozzarella Sticks 3.95 (VE)

Mozzarella sticks in bread crumbs

Onion Bhaji 4.95 (VE) (VG)

Onion fritters seasoned with gram fflour,
dry crushed cilantro & carom seeds

Veg Samosa 4.95 (VE) (VG)

Spices seasoned mix veg wrapped in light pastry

Aloo Tikki 4.95 (VE) (VG)

Delicious green vegetable, potatoe patties delicately spiced.
Served with special spice Indian grill chutney

Potato Cheese Balls 4.9 (VE)

Potato balls stuffed with cheese and spices

Veg Spring Roll 4.95 (VE) (VG)

Mix veg wrapped in a light pastry

Paneer Tikka Skewers 5.95 (VE)

Marinated paneer chunks stuffed with mint
chutney & spices completed in the tandoor

Chilli Paneer 6.95 (VE)

Indo Chinese style cottage cheese stirred with garlic chilli sauce

Gobi Manchurian 6.95 (VE)

Floured cauliflower in soya Indo Chinese sauce

Non veg - with salad & dips

Chicken Goujons 4.95

Chicken Breast in Cajun spice & breadcrumbs

Chicken Samosas 4.95

Spiced seasoned mince lamb &  chicken wrapped in light pastry

Lamb samosas 5.95

Spiced seasoned mince lamb & chicken wrapped in a light pastry

Chicken Tikka Skewers 6.95
Chunks of boneless chicken marinated in Indian spices & grilled in tandoor.
Make it garlicy for £1

Lamb Seek Kebab 6.95

Finely grounded minced meat mildly spiced with aromatic Indian herbs completed in the tandoor

Lamb Chops 7.95 *

Fresh ginger infused tender lamb chops marinated in hung yoghurt,
nutmeg and spice

Chicken Tandoori 8.95 * (1/2 CHICKEN)

Spiced Indian signature traditional clay oven roasted spring chicken

BBQ Ribs 8.95 *

Rack of slow cooked ribs in Tex BBQ sauce

King Prawn Skewers 8.95 *

King-size shrimp marinated in mild spices and cooked in the tandoori oven

Wings are wings and we do them best

10 - £7.50

15 - £9.99

20 - £12.99

Choose a sauce

  • Chilli chicken
  • Buffalo
  • Jerk BBQ
  • Tex BBQ


Chips £2.50 (VE) (VG)

Cheese chips £2.95 (VE)

Masala chilli chips 3.50 (VE) (VG)
(Bar fav and fab) these are spicy

Beef Chill Fries £6.95

Handmade Naan to order

Plain Naan £2.00 (VE)

Garlic Naan £2.50 (VE)

Cheese Naan £2.95 (VE)

Chilli & Coriander Nan £2.95 (VE)

Peshawar Naan £3.50 (sweet contains Nuts)

Not hungry, just peckish?

Choose from our authentic Veg, Chicken or Lamb selection (free Naan bread)

Any 3 for £10 (1 veg and 2 Non Veg)

Any 5 for £15 (2 veg and 3 Non Veg)

Any 7 for £20 ( 3 veg and 4 Non Veg)

Items marked with an * are not included in the above offer

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Shares Sizzling board, hot & smoking

Served with free Naan and dips tray

BBG Veg Board Sizzlers 3 Pcs each £14.95

Aloo Tikki, Veg Samosas, Cheese Balls, Spring Rolls, Onion Bhaji, Panner Skewers

BBG Meat board sizzlers 3 Pcs £24.95

Chicken Tikka, Chicken wings, Chicken Goujons, Lamb Chops,
Sheek Kebab, Chicken Tandoori

Burgers served with fries

BBG Beef Burger 8.95              

Juicy chargrilled Beef patty, fried onions, salad, ketchup & mustard sauce

Double Beef Burger 11.95

Stacked Chargrilled Beef patty with melted cheese fried onion, salad,
ketchup & mustard sauce

The Big Smoke 9.95

Juicy chargrilled Beef patty with melted cheese, smoked bacon,
caramelised onion jam & Tex BBQ sauce

Jer Making Me Crazy 9.95

Juicy chargrilled Beef patty with melted cheese, smoked bacon, pickled onion, gherkin & Jerk BBQ sauce

Better Than KFC 9.95

Spicy Cajun coated chicken breast, aloo tikki, melted cheese, chipotle sauce & salsa

Its Gonna Be Messy 11.95

Chargrilled beef or chicken patty ladled with slow homemade beef chilli,
jalepeños & sirachas sauce

Vegetrains Have Feeling Too 8.95 (VE)

Aloo Tikki. Delicious green vegetable, potatoes patties delicately spiced onion jam, salad, chipotle sauce


Hand stretched & stone baked finish

with Italian herbs mix

Margherita 8.95

Pepperoni 9.95

Red & white onion mix

Chicken Tikki 9.95
Onion & peppers

BBQ Chicken 8.95

Sheek kebab 8.95

Chilli Beef 10.95
Jalapeño & chilli flakes

Mix Veg 9.95 (VE)

Peppers, onion, sweet corn


Served with salad and fries £6.95

• Cajun Chicken with sweet chilli sauce

• Chicken Tikka with mint raita

• Paneer Tikka with roasted pepper and onion

• Sheek Kebab with coriander chutney

• Aloo Tikki with chipotle sauce (VE)

Management advises that food prepared here may contain or have in contact with peanuts, tree nuts, soybeans, milk, eggs, wheat, shellfish or fish. If you have a food allergy, intolerance or special dietary requirement, please inform a member of staff BEFORE you place your order.

• Please inform us of any special requests • Please note, nuts may be present in any of our dishes • For a full allergy list please ask • All our food is available to take away

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